The Boat is a restaurant located in the aura river of Turku, which offers food, drinks, entertainment and lots of sunshine. Our goal is to offer amazing international customer service as well as a relaxed summery environment. Our staff consists of several different nationalities, which creates a fun and versatile atmosphere. 
Welcome to The Boat!
The Boat on Turun aurajoessa sijaitseva ravintolalaiva, joka tarjoaa ruokaa, juomaa, viihdettä ja tilaavat aurinkoterassit. Tavoitteenamme on tarjota erinomaista, kansainvälistä palvelua sekä rennon, kesäisen ympäristön asiakkaillemme. Henkilökuntamme koostuu monesta eri kansalaisuudesta, joka luo hauskan ja monipuolisen ilmapiirin. Lämpimästi tervetuloa The Boatille!

The Boat Team


Born in the old and beautiful Toledo (Spain) 31 years ago. After living in rainy Scotland for three years, I decided to make Finland my new home on 2018. Looks like I am always moving north!
As an average Spanish guy I’m quite passionate about football, and I also love music and collecting LP’s.
I DON’T like sangría.
Definitely a daytime kind of person, that’s why I love Finnish summer and it’s midnight sun.


From a little town called Raisio. I’ve lived ther my whole life and looking for a way out. I love skating and cooking and i’ve been doing both the most of my life. I love also love the smell of rain it makes me feel good and i love staying inside so that helps a lot.

Noelia "Nelli"

Noelia, but in Finland people call my Nelli. I'm from a little village next to Barcelona, in between the mountains and the Mediterranean. Mountain lover who can give you a snowmobile safari in the Finnish Lapland or guide you through Africa. If you see me in the boat working, order me a sangria, I'll use my family's recipe. And yes, sometimes I miss the real hot weather.


From Turku I love coffee more than life and I really dislike any other season than winter.

Jonathan "Jay"

Some call me a Nomad and some call me a citizen of the world, I guess all that I can say is that I come from many different places. So be sure to enquire for further details.

I found Finland in May of 2020, trying to find a place to call home while waiting for the notorious COVID-19 to pass. In that time, I’ve grown to love the odd yet unique people, culture and lifestyle that Finland has to offer and see myself sticking around for quite a while.

Likes: I love a cold beer, and working on my car. So if you can’t find me at The boat or the bar you’ll most definitely find me fixing something underneath my car.

Dislikes: Early mornings, I generally function as a night owl and can’t go to bed before 3 a.m. So anything before 9 in the morning is generally a no go for me, but sometimes I guess you gotta do what you gotta do and be the early bird that gets the worm.


I'm a Greek God from a small island called Kos. I moved to Finland almost 2 years ago. I love football and the Finnish summer except the rainy days.


Born in England just outside Manchester the capital of the north! Like to travel and lived In a few different countries before landing in Finland 15yrs ago! Now I have a beautiful family and friends here. I can proudly call it a home away from home. I love football and socialising (apparently too much I've been told) and cooking. Summers are amazing here but the winters are cold, dark and long! But the socialising and football get me through it!